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ATKASA offers tailored digital packages that give you a comprehensive approach to omnichannel marketing that incorporates several approaches to getting your brand in front of the right audience.

We understand that every business and brand is different, each with its own unique business and marketing objectives.

That is why we give our clients a tailored approach where our digital marketing agency strategies a tailored campaign that mixes the best marketing approaches for your objectives.

You can view our selection of comprehensive omnichannel marketing packages below:

Omnichannel Marketing that Works Your Way

Digital Packages

Take the full-service approach and boost your brand with our complete selection of services, all strategically laid out to offer you the best results.

omnichannel marketing


The basics of digital marketing,
but not the bare bones. Our
Essentials Package gives your
brand a bit of everything it
needs to kick start itself into the
digital world.

R17 999 EX VAT
per month

Digital Starter

Where your omnichannel marketing
is concerned, the Digital Starter
Package gives you everything,
everywhere, all in one place.
Take advantage of our most
comprehensive digital offering.

R26 499 EX VAT
per month

Google Ads Packages

Advertise on the world’s top marketing platform, Google Ads. We have packages that get your brand exceptional exposure with higher ROIs.

SEM Marketing on Google Ads


A simplified approach to Google
Ads that is ideal for new and
growing businesses with a tight
budget, that still want to make the
most of their ROI.


R5 900 EX VAT
per month


Get a unique Google Ads
strategy on the Search and
Display networks, complete
with setup, keyword research,
strategy development, reporting,
and a media budget.

 R12 500 EX VAT
per month

Website Packages

Trust our branding packages to give you a full-service approach to building a recognisable character around your brand!

Web development packages

Web Entry

Our Web Entry Package gives you
the perfect launch platform into the
digital world, whether you’re a new
business, are looking to expand into
digital advertising, or are simply
looking for a revamp.

R2 950 EX VAT

Web Starter

Our Web Starter Package gives
you more choice in design, and
everything else you need for a
fully-fledged 5-page website.


R5 995 EX VAT

Web Standard

Get a 12-page website built
from 2 possible concepts, that
incorporates everything you
want your business to say.


R12  995 EX VAT

E-Commerce Web

Take your business online with
comprehensive e-commerce
design and development services
that let you do business online,


R18  690 EX VAT


Make sure your website and
media get the uptime, speed,
and dependability they deserve
with our industry leading hosting


R99 EX VAT pm

Branding Packages

Trust our branding packages to give you a full-service approach to building a recognisable character around your brand!

Branding Packages

Design Starter

A talented and creative design
team will help you build an
identity around your brand. We
can provide you with creative
elements that attract in your target
market with impeccable CI designs
that create a unique personality for
your brand.

R 995 EX VAT

Branding Startup

Our Branding Startup Package
includes everything you need
to develop a strong and cohesive
corporate identity complete with
a logo, letterheads, email
signatures, business cards, and

R9  850 EX VAT

Social Media Packages

Trust our branding packages to give you a full-service approach to building a recognisable character around your brand!

Social Media Packages

Social Starter

Give your brand what it needs to
break in to social media marketing
with an entry level strategy that
incorporates Facebook
and Instagram.

R4 999 EX VAT
per month

Social Beginner

This is the ideal approach to
social media marketing for
beginners and incorporates
everything you need to get
started, and get those leads
flowing in.

R9 998 EX VAT
per month

Social Plus

The Social Plus Package gives
your brand everything it needs
to succeed on social media, plus
a little bit extra

R16 495 EX VAT
per month

SEO Packages

Put your website in front of the right people when they look for offers like yours.

SEO Packages

Local SEO

Put your website right in front
of the right people, at the
right time, with carefully
researched keywords
as well as on and off-site

R4 186 EX VAT
per month

Bronze SEO

Get the Bronze SEO package
from our team of experienced
SEO specialists to get everything
you need to improve your website’s performance on search

R7 865 EX VAT
per month

Silver SEO

ATKASA Digital Agency
brings you a comprehensive
SEO marketing  package
that gives you a great
balance between  comprehensive
service and value

R12 786 EX VAT
per month

Gold SEO

If you would like to know more
about our Silver SEO Marketing
package, be sure to get in
touch with a representative from ATKASA Digital Agency

R19 286 EX VAT
per month

Platinum SEO

ATKASA Digital Agency’s top-tier
Platinum SEO Package gives you the
best approach towards optimising and making the best use of SEO keywords
through a comprehensive
approach that gives you everything.

R20 886 EX VAT
per month

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