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Digital Starter Package

Just R26 499.00 (Ex. VAT) per month

The Digital Starter package from ATKASA Digital Agency is one of our most comprehensive collections of digital marketing services on offer.

This package gives our clients a strategic and omnichannel approach to internet marketing that covers all the bases, where each component works together like a well-oiled marketing machine.

A Turnkey Digital Marketing Services Package

For just R26 499.00 (ex. VAT) per month, our Digital Starter package brings you everything your brand needs to sustainably grow its online presence, authority, and clientbase with cohesive advertising strategies that work to empower each other.

Build a digital business out of any brand by putting it in front of the right audience, where they spend their time.

Here’s what you get from this comprehensive internet marketing package:

Overview of Digital Services

Account Management

We provide comprehensive media and account management to ensure that every part of your digital campaign runs smoothly and effectively. This includes management on all your digital platforms, including Google Ads, social media, and much more.

Social Media Strategy

We help your brand develop a comprehensive social media strategy that accounts for all aspects of your campaign; giving you and our team a clear roadmap of the way forward.

Social Media Content Planning

Content is at the heart of social media campaigns, and we work diligently to produce unique, insightful, and engaging posts on a regular basis. We carefully map out and structure posts for the duration of your campaign to ensure that every move we make is a strategic one.

Social Media Setup

Haven’t got a social media account setup on the platforms you wish to market on? Not a problem, we are adept at getting things up and running without a hitch. We set up accounts for you, ensure they are secure, and give you the access and ownership you need to maintain them when you want to.

Community Management

Audiences on social media have a lot to say, and we help keep you in the loop on the most important discussions around your brand. Our community management services ensure that your reputation is upheld, that discussions stay positive, and that audience sentiments are good.

Promoted Posts

We help grow your audience with carefully crafted promotional posts that use a media budget to reach a much larger audience. Media budgets are subject to packages and terms of SLAs.

2 x A/B Split Testing Search Ads

We’ll develop 2 sets of 2 search ads, each unique and strategically developed, which are run side-by-side to test performance and make adjustments accordingly.

Website SEO

Get your website in front of people who are actively searching for offers like yours with strategic search engine optimisation plans and implementation that makes you stand out on search engines like Google. This includes the following SEO actions:


  • Campaign Setup: planning out and refining strategies for search engine campaigns.
  • In depth Site Analysis: We audit your website to identify areas that need attention for SEO.
  • Content Duplicate check: Identifying and removing duplicated content
  • Initial Backlink Analysis: Auditing the health and authority of links to your website.
  • Google Penalty check: identify and rectify elements on your website that might result in ranking penalties on search engines.
  • Mobile Usability check: Is the website mobile responsive, most of your visitors will visit your website using mobile devices.
  • Competition Analysis: research into what your competition is doing for SEO and capitalising on their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Keyword Research: researching the best search terms to direct people from search engines to your website.
  • Title & Meta Tag Optimisation: proper usage of back-end elements that describe your site to search engines to help them rank more favourably.
  • Content Optimisation: optimising content layout and keyword usage to enhance performance on search engines.
  • HTML Code Cleanup & Optimisation: ensuring proper and efficient functionality of your website to ensure optimal user experience and SEO performance.
  • Internal Link Structuring & Optimisation: Ensure all internal links on your website work correctly and go to the correct pages.
  • Pages H Tag Optimisation: Ensure correct heading structure on all content to improve performance on search engines.
  • 301 Redirect: Ensure all temporary & permanent redirect links are working correctly.
  • Image & Hyperlink Optimisation: Optimise tagging and naming of images, and that hyperlinks within content are working correctly.
  • txt creation/analysis: populate and submit robots.txt file to ensure correct indexing of website pages.
  • Sitemap Creation: create and publish sitemaps that help search engines effectively crawl and index your website and its pages.
  • Google & Bing webmaster tools setup: setting up search engine tools to make improvements and gather metrics on an ongoing basis.
  • Google Analytics Setup & Integration: setting up analytics tools and integrating them with reporting systems to give you detailed insights into website performance.

Online Brand Reputation Management

We closely monitor and manage audience sentiments and public opinion of your brand on a continual basis. If your audience is saying something you need to know about, we’ll make sure you hear about it and respond appropriately.

Monthly Newsletter Design

Get a monthly newsletter mailed to your audience and database that communicates all the important happenings, information, and promotions in your business.

Content Marketing & Link Acquisition

The following tasks help populate your website with value-driven content that attracts in users, while also organically building backlinks when other website’s share your content. This includes the following monthly actions:


  • Blog Writing x2: Creating and publishing 2 relevant blogs per month, on your website.
  • Social Bookmarking: Making it easy for website visitors to share your content on multiple social and online platforms.

Local Search Optimisation

Ensuring the best possible visibility on local indexes and websites. This includes the following tasks:


  • NAP Syndication: Providing local directories with contact details for your business, including Name, Address, Phone numbers.
  • Citation Building: Building references to your business/website on local directories.
  • Google My Business/ Bing Local Listing: Setting up and managing local online directories on Google My Business and Bing Local Listings to make your business more discoverable on a local level.
  • Classified Submissions: Submitting business details on various online local classified directories.


We offer various services as part of this package that help you gauge the performance and success of your website & SEO.


  • SEO Rank Report: check the performance of your keywords and your website’s placement on search engines when using those keywords.
  • SEO Reports: reports on actions to be taken to continually improve SEO performance.
  • Google Analytics Reports: Reports on the overall performance of your website as a whole.
  • Activity Reports: Reports on the kinds of actions being taken by visitors to your website.
  • Monthly Action Plan: Strategies to adjust performance based on insights gathered from various monthly/weekly reports.
  • Monthly Reporting & Access to Live Reporting: View performance metrics about your campaign in real-time, from anywhere.
  • R4 500 Media Budget per Month: monthly media budget to be used for running online ads.
  • Access to Client Portal & Backend: Get access to full details about your campaign, your account with us, and work being carried out by our agency.
  • Access to Content Manager: Collaborate with our social media teams in real-time to view, edit, and comment on content plans, posts, schedules and more.
  • Access to Brand & Campaign Tracking: Track what people are saying about your brand on social media platforms.
  • Access to Online Server: View, edit, upload and comment on media files, content, ads, and more, at your convenience, with access to our unique content management and collaboration software.
  • 7 Days-a-Week Support: Get full support from our team, 7 days a week, to ensure your campaign is continually working the way it is supposed to.

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