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Social Plus Package

#SocialPlus: Just R16 495.00 (Ex. VAT) Per Month


ATKASA Digital Agency’s Social Plus Package gives your business everything it needs to enjoy success in social media advertising, and a little bit more.

We give you a comprehensive approach to social media management that puts your brand in front of the right audience through careful targeting, and reaches them where they spend most of their time; on social media.

All-Encompassing Social Media Advertising

For just R16 495 (ex. VAT) per month, we give your business our most comprehensive approach to social media advertising.

From the formulation of a strategy and flawless execution, right through to in depth reporting, we give you everything you need, and more.

Here’s what you get from our Social Plus Package:

Account Management

We help manage all aspects of your social media pages, from populating them with the right information and ensuring correct access, right through to populating them with carefully scheduled posts, ads, and more.  Additionally we assist with community management, growing your audience, responding to comments, and fostering a healthy relationship between you and your audience.

Social Media Strategy

We help your brand develop a comprehensive social media strategy that accounts for all aspects of your campaign; giving you and our team a clear roadmap of the way forward.

Social Media Content Planning

Content is at the heart of social media campaigns, and we work diligently to produce unique, insightful, and engaging posts on a regular basis. We carefully map out and structure posts for the duration of your campaign to ensure that every move we make is a strategic one.

Social Media Setup

Haven’t got a social media account setup on the platforms you wish to market on? Not a problem, we are adept at getting things up and running without a hitch. We set up accounts for you, ensure they are secure, and give you the access and ownership you need to maintain them when you want to.

Community Management

Audiences on social media have a lot to say, and we help keep you in the loop on the most important discussions around your brand. Our community management services ensure that your reputation is upheld, that discussions stay positive, and that audience sentiments are good.

Promoted Posts

We help grow your audience with carefully crafted promotional posts that use a media budget to reach a much larger audience. Media budgets are subject to packages and terms of SLAs. Our Social Plus Package includes a media budget of R3000.00.

Competitor Tracking & Monitoring

Find out what your closest competitors are doing so that you can capitalise on what they’ve missed, or improve your own campaign with their successful strategies.

Monthly Reporting

Stay in the loop with monthly reporting on all areas of social media marketing performance for each platform used. This allows us to tailor your campaign in such a way as to exploit its strengths and improve on weak areas.

Access to Content Manager

We simplify content management and communication between our teams and yours by giving you access to our one-of-a-kind content management and collaboration tools, that let you give feedback and view/approve new posts in real-time, before they are published.


Access to Online Server

Get access to our online server allowing sharing of media files, content and more all through a convenient, powerful, and easy to use online file-sharing platform


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