The primary goal of the campaign was to augment this Blind Guys franchise’s sales by funnelling
high-quality leads to their sales team. This objective was underpinned by a strategy focused on
making continuous refinements in targeting, locations, interests, and budget allocations
to bolster campaign performance progressively.


Strategies and Execution:

Platforms Utilised:
The campaign harnessed the power of Google Ads and Facebook Lead Generation to tap into
a wide audience base, aiming to capture leads across diverse, but interested and qualified demographics.

Website Redevelopment:
Recognising the pivotal role of ad quality score and its impact on campaign success, significant efforts
were directed towards redeveloping the website. This redevelopment was aimed at enhancing the SEO
and user journey, ensuring visitors not only found the site easily but also navigated it smoothly,
thereby increasing the likelihood of lead conversion.

Continuous Optimisation:
The campaign was characterised by its dynamic approach to optimisation. Adjustments were made in
real-time to targeting parameters, including refining the geographic locations and interests targeted,
as well as judiciously managing the budget to ensure funds were allocated to the most
effective channels and ads.


Significant Increase in Sales Revenue:
Over the course of the campaign, from May 2023 to January 2024, this franchise witnessed an astonishing increase
in sales revenue, culminating in a total of R6,197,014.

Strategic Budget Allocation:
The total media spend across the campaign period amounted to R163,500. This investment was strategically deployed
across Google Ads and Facebook, ensuring optimal reach and engagement with the target audience.

Exceptional ROI:
The campaign achieved an unprecedented return on investment (ROI) of approximately 3690.22%,
a testament to the efficacy of the targeted digital marketing strategies and the high-quality lead generation process.

Lead to Appointment Conversion:

The campaign not only excelled in generating leads but also saw a remarkable rate of leads turning into appointments, with percentages improving continually month-over-month, peaking at 99% in December 2023.


The PPC campaign for this franchise stands as a compelling case study on how targeted digital marketing strategies, coupled with continuous optimisation and website redevelopment, can significantly enhance sales revenue and achieve an extraordinary ROI. This case underscores the importance of agility in digital marketing, where ongoing adjustments based on data-driven insights can lead to continual improvements in campaign performance.


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