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Are you a small business looking to get started with your Online marketing & Social Media Marketing but you just don’t know where to start or you simply cannot afford an agency to handle this for you? Well it’s simple the ATKA SA – For You service is specifically designed for you and your small business so that you can spend the time you need on what’s truly important and that is running your business.
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Market me 360

The ATKA SA – Market Me 360 system is a product specifically designed for any Small to Medium sized business to effectively manage and monitor their Cross Channel Marketing Strategies & Campaigns. The system allows for you to make use of the latest and most integrated system available in the market and even better you get access to ATKA SA expert consulting and support structures to ensure you always can market your business effectively.
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Your company look and feel should be tangible on your website, therefore it is a continual work in progress that adapts and evolves over time. The main purpose for having a website is to familiarize your customer with what you have to offer. Therefore every page on your website should entice visitors to read and share the content. Also, your website should be suitably optimized to allow high rankings by search engines.
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Graphic Design

Gone are the days where ‘graphic design’ meant drawing a fancy picture. Today, graphic design is used to convey a specific message to targeted audience. This is done by focusing on visual communication and presentation and uses the process of combining words, symbols and images to create a visual representation of… well, whatever you want! At ATKA, we use a combination of typography, visual arts and page layout techniques to produce a balanced, focus and symmetrical result.
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What Our Clients Have To Say

  • Their enthusiastic and experienced team has been hosting our Social Media Platforms for a number of months and we managed to see our platforms moving into a very positive territory.

    Juan-Pierre Du Buisson
    Juan-Pierre Du BuissonGreyhound
  • Their strong sense of responsibility ensures that any project assigned to them is dealt with professionally and accurately and tasks are successfully developed and implemented by them.

    Leeanne de Beer
    Leeanne de BeerLegend Lodges
  • I have relied on ATKA for all of my requirements in terms of web presence, SEO, interface between the various social media platforms. It has been a pleasure to find a professional one-stop shop that can efficiently implement an effective web strategy. Working with ATKA has allowed me to have the time to focus on my core responsibilities, knowing that my personal brand is gaining momentum on various web and social media platforms. Additionally, when I interact with other brands to join in an activation, they can immediately see the added value they get by plugging into my enhanced web and social media presence. I have become more marketable and created more longevity to my brand. I have found the ATKA team to be professional, and to have the ability to promptly understand my requirements. They are, additionally courteous, respectful, and know the meaning and value of service. The team has been available each time I have been in need to contact them, never leaving me stranded.

    Mampho Brescia
    Mampho BresciaMampho Brescia
  • It is my pleasure to recommend the online social media services of ATKA SA - Cross Channel Marketing Specialists to any entity or person considering making use of their services. During the past five years, our team has worked directly with ATKA SA - Cross Channel Marketing Specialist's, Leon Marinus, Operations Director of ATKA SA and his team on numerous online projects. The company offers top-notch quality, service and rates. Across the board, we are always pleased with their work and their willingness to walk the extra mile to create the best online presence is a positive attribute and results in several online referrals. With every project that they take on they illustrates their attention to detail and concern for quality. Please consider ATKA SA - Cross Channel Marketing Specialists for all your online social media and website needs. I recommend them and look forward to working with them again.

    Emiel Crause
    Emiel CrauseHealthshare Integrated Solutions
  • Within weeks my clients has received good response on their social media investment through ATKA Online Trading.

    Sonja Horn
    Sonja HornThe Chilli Lab

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ATKA’s philosophy is different to most other global Marketing Companies in that we have a flat management style where all members of your dedicated team will be empowered, thus providing quick decision making and easy access to the key people.
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As an industry leader and as independent business people who are directly accountable to our clients, ATKA SA has the expertise, imagination, scope and depth to provide our clients with more than just the routine basis of Cross Channel Marketing.
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