Colour Zone Signage, a leader in vehicle wrapping, printing, and signage in the West Rand of Johannesburg,
sought to enhance its digital presence and customer experience through a comprehensive website
redevelopment and SEO strategy.



A complete website overhaul was undertaken to establish a robust SEO foundation.
Key implementations included:
• optimising meta tags,
• ensuring crawlable links,
• validating robots.txt,
• enriching image elements with alt attributes,
• maintaining a strong backlink profile


SEO Performance: Achieved a perfect SEO score (100/100) on Google Lighthouse, indicating top-tier site optimisation.

Engagement and Reach: The website witnessed significant increases in sessions (8,086), total users (7,850),
and views (35,719), demonstrating enhanced digital visibility.

User Engagement: Recorded an impressive user engagement duration of 7 days, 7 hours,
and 18 seconds, highlighting increased user interest and interaction with the site.

Organic Growth: Organic conversions saw a remarkable rise to 59 from 0, alongside
an organic event count of 81,241, indicating the effectiveness of the SEO and content strategy.

Ad Performance: This also resulted in a Google Ads quality score improvement that led to
a 500% increase in impressions, lower cost per lead, and better overall ad efficiency.


This strategic overhaul not only enhanced Colour Zone Signage’s digital footprint but also translated into tangible business outcomes, including improved lead generation, user engagement, and ad performance.

The meticulous attention to SEO details and continual website maintenance established a sustainable platform for growth and digital marketing success.


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