Background & Objectives:

In the latest quarter of a multi-year campaign, Herbalife Nutrition South Africa continued to
amplify brand awareness on Facebook and Instagram, focusing on organic growth and engagement.


The Herbalife South Africa brand is one surrounded by specifics. Writing content for them requires
a voice that not only resonates with a charged and highly diverse audience, but also one that needs
to pick its words and imagery exceptionally carefully.

It is not simply about upholding the values and personality of the brand, but ensuring that everything
said is factually correct, informative, and valuable to the audience.

Strategic Execution:

Facebook: Achieved 506,000 total likes with 872 organic likes added this period. Audience growth showed
resilience with organic increases (342 in Nov, 213 in Dec, 311 in Jan) against minimal losses, reaching
5.29 million, with organic reach constituting 3.20 million.

Instagram: Demonstrated exceptional engagement with a rate of 38.18%, driven by 15,703 profile visits
and 861 website clicks, indicating robust interaction and interest.

Performance Highlights:


Facebook saw 110,000 positive interactions (likes, shares, comments), while Instagram’s content resonated
deeply, garnering 39,149 likes and significant saves and shares.

Instagram’s audience primarily comprised individuals aged 25-34, aligning perfectly with the target
demographic and campaign objectives.



This quarterly snapshot reveals the enduring effectiveness of Herbalife’s organic social media efforts,
emphasising the strategic content adaptation and audience engagement that have been key to
sustaining brand visibility and loyalty.

When looking at the big picture, growth might look slow when you consider the size of Herbalife’s global
footprint, however, these metrics showcase the sustainability that is required for the success of
a campaign behind a mammoth brand like Herbalife.


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