To create an annual booklet that encapsulates Herbalife Nutrition’s key marketing events,
campaigns, and achievements, providing a valuable resource for its members.


Simplifying Complexity: The primary challenge was to distil a year’s worth of information into
a concise, easy-to-read format without losing the essence of each event or campaign.

Visual Impact: Designing striking visuals to ensure the booklet’s content resonates
with members and leaves a lasting impression.

Content Specificity: Tailoring the copy and voice to address Herbalife’s members,
who are stakeholders and ambassadors of the brand, required a departure from the standard
marketing voice, while still adhering to a voice that carries the Herbalife brand and key messaging.


Creative Design: Leveraging creativity to develop a fresh, engaging design for the booklet,
keeping the content visually appealing and reader-friendly.

Comprehensive Coverage: Ensuring all critical areas, including corporate events, product launches,
competitions, and branding efforts, were covered in detail within the limited space of 30 pages.

Member-Centric Approach: Focusing the content on creating value for Herbalife members,
highlighting their role in the brand’s ecosystem and providing them with useful tools and advice.

Careful Selection of Printing Partners: To ensure the highest quality and cost-effectiveness, we partnered
with carefully vetted printing services known for their exceptional output and competitive pricing.
This strategic collaboration guaranteed that each booklet not only met Herbalife’s stringent brand standards
but also provided value in terms of both aesthetics and budget.



The Best-Of booklet successfully communicated a year’s worth of Herbalife’s marketing efforts
and resulted in a format that was both informative and practical for its members.

The design and content strategy effectively balanced simplicity with the need to provide comprehensive
information, resulting in a booklet that was easy to digest yet impactful.




The annual Best-Of booklet for Herbalife Nutrition exemplifies the power of targeted communication
and creative design in strengthening brand-member relationships and showcasing
a brand’s achievements in a concise and engaging manner.


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