Marula Cleaning Solutions needed a simple yet impactful 3-page website to enhance their online presence
and brand identity, within a tight timeframe and limited brand guidelines.



The project demanded a clean, user-friendly design that encapsulated the brand’s essence, adhered to SEO
best practices, and was optimised for mobile users. Key hurdles included articulating a defined brand voice,
ensuring seamless navigation, and integrating essential information without cluttering the limited space.


Brand Identity Development: Before web development, a detailed brand identity and voice were established
to guide the design process. This was a collaborative effort between the design team, the web developer,
and the copywriting team.

Simplicity in Design: The website’s aesthetic was crafted to reflect the clarity and efficiency of Marula’s cleaning
services, prioritising immediate value delivery to visitors landing on the site.


SEO Foundation: Strategic keyword research laid the groundwork for basic SEO, enhancing the site’s visibility and reach.

Mobile Optimisation: Recognising the prevalence of mobile searches, the site was tailored for optimal mobile experience,
focusing on fast load times and easy access to information and contact details.


The website achieved a balance between simplicity and functionality, effectively conveying the brand’s
offerings and values.

Mobile optimisation ensured a superior user experience, crucial for the target audience predominantly
using mobile devices for search.

SEO efforts resulted in improved digital visibility, facilitating organic growth and engagement.



Despite the limitations of a small-scale project, Marula Cleaning Solutions’ website stands as a testament to the effectiveness of a well-thought-out digital strategy that marries design with  functionality, setting a solid foundation for the brand’s digital marketing efforts.


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