Strategic Digital Marketing Campaigns

ATKASA Digital Agency does things a little differently in that we formulate strategic digital marketing campaigns that get all your advertising components to work together.  

This allows your campaign to send out a cohesive message, and the results generally speak for themselves.

 This strategic approach to digital marketing in South Africa has allowed us to grow alongside a long list of high-profile clients, cementing us as the simple choice for industry leading marketing services.

Browse our Portfolio of Notable Campaigns

Here you can find a portfolio of the print and outdoor advertising we have completed recently, so that you can see the results for yourself.

Xiaomi End-of-Year Social Media Campaign 2022

Xiaomi’s end-of-year campaign brought festive cheer to their social audience across Africa, with a competition that gave their audience the chance to win phones and other electronics, through a product–centric guessing game.

With hard work and dedication, our talented team of creatives produced graphics we can be proud of, which resulted in staggeringly positive organic results on their social media pages (which were managed by Xiamoi’s marketing teams throughout Africa)

Here’s how the campaign faired in various locations in Africa:

Xiaomi Tanzania and Ghana Xiaomi SA, Kenya & Nigeria 

Herbalife Nutrition African Billboard Campaign

ATKASA had the pleasure of planning and executing a widespread brand awareness campaign that took the form of OOH, billboard advertising, for Herbalife Nutrition.

The campaign was run in major cities across various African countries simultaneously, resulting in noticeable enhancements to their brand’s performance throughout 2021.

This campaign gave our creative teams and strategists another opportunity to flex our muscles as not just professional digital marketers in South Africa, but also within the wider context of various African countries.

Clover: Bunny Animation for Television Ad

Clover wanted us to bring the characteristic bunny on their packaging to life by transforming it into an animated character for television and social media campaigns.

Our team of talented animators got to work modelling the Bunny and rigging it with bones on a 3D canvas, so that it could walk, wink, hop, and otherwise be presented in an engaging and exciting format.

The Clover Bunny TVC Commercial

Clover Bunny Campaign

Storyboard Design

Clover Bunny Storyboard

Skeleton Test

Clover Bunny Skeleton Test


Replace® is a Proud South African Product. Yes, Replace® has been formulated with you, the everyday fun-loving, GO-GETTER South African and the daily demands of your local lifestyle in mind.

The tv ad had our animation team combine actors with animations to bring this story to life.

Replace TVC Commercial

G4S: TVC Video

G4S, a global leading security company, approached ATKASA to assist them with producing a video that highlights their technology and security for a newly launched product that ensures cell-towers are protected and remain protected.

Creating a top quality video to be used for both internal and external marketing on a budget and all of this to happen within 3 weeks of first contact.

G4S Campaign

Nativa VIGRO Lockdown Campaign

Global lockdowns resulted in a decline in Vigro’s market, as was the case with many players in their industry, and we were approached to remind consumers that their hair is a priority. We were also aware that lockdowns were a stressful time for consumers, which can result in abnormal hair loss. This mixed with their sentiment of being strapped for cash, meant that many consumers were looking for a DIY solution for hair care.

In response we developed a tactical mini-campaign that incorporated TV and Digital for the Vigro Core range during this time.

Videos created spoke directly to the Vigro consumer to remind them of why Vigro is a market leader for hair loss.

Additionally, Facebook Carousel ads were run to boost their presence on social media, while Google Display ads drove consumers to key retailers where they could purchase Vigro products.

Vigro TVC Video

Vigro Lockdown Campaign

Facebook Carousel

Vigro Campaign Mobile

Rugani Juice

Rugani Juice is a leading vegetable juice producer in South Africa that believes in being a legacy, and not just farmers.

Their website we created was all around capturing the Rugani Juice brand and showcasing their brand and everything it stands for.

The Rugani Juice design was centred around being fresh, innovative and leaders in the industry.

We conducted an all-inclusive, 360 degree campaign that focused on numerous areas of digital marketing, including Facebook ads, a website redesign, Facebook Posts, and a monthly newsletter being sent out to their members.

Rugani Juice Case Study: Increasing Online Sales – 360 Degree Campaign

Rugani Juice 360 Campaign

Facebook Ads

Rugani Juice Carousel Ads

Facebook Posts

Rugani Juice Facebook Posts

Rugani Newsletters

Rugani Juice Newsletters

Evergreens The Fresh Market

Evergreens The Fresh Market celebrated their Birthday Campaign and offered Fresh Deals at incredible prices.

Their campaign was all about celebration, deals and being the freshest; and the creative execution was aligned to the campaign’s objective of creative awareness and excitement around the fresh birthday being celebrated

Google Display Ads

Evergreens Display Ads

Birthday Campaign

Evergreens Birthday Campaign

Newspaper Specials

Evergreens Paper Ads


Greyhound is currently one of South Africa’s major luxury coach operators carrying more than 1.4 million passengers over 25 million kilometers annually.

ATKASA was commissioned to promote Greyhound’s Valentine’s Day competition and show their Facebook audience that #GreyhoundLoves them.

Sure thing, we just kicked it up a notch.

The campaign started with voucher give-aways, ads, candy, and balloons at their terminals, the usual.

So, we decided to do something no other digital agency would ever attempt with a client with a following as massive as this.

We created one Facebook post asking people to comment with a number between 1 and 10 and we (Greyhound) would personally inbox them a special Valentine’s Day compliment.

Ludacris? We didn’t think so.

Within 2 minutes, the post saw 120 comments and they kept coming. The post generated 1 212 comments in total. That’s 1 212 personalised inbox messages and 1 212 people who felt very special on Valentine’s Day thanks to Greyhound. Furthermore the post produced 320 reactions and 129 shares.

Wait a minute. There’s got to be a catch, right? How much did we spend? Not a cent. No lie. This here is an example of organic reach in its purest form.

Greyhound Campaign Mobile Greyhound Campaign Desktop Greyhound Campaign Chat Greyhound & Edgars

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