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Skywire Website


ATKASA is proud to have been selected by Skywire to provide website development services.

Our team has crafted a stunning and user-friendly website, designed to meet Skywire’s modern aesthetic needs and optimised for SEO, to help improve their Google ranking.




Mom2B is a brand specialising in nutritional supplements designed to meet the specific needs of pregnant women.

Our goal was to refocus the brand, increase brand awareness, target millennial moms and build a connection with all like-minded moms.

To achieve this, we created an integrated website that provided key information on Mom2B products, complete with educational resources and blog articles full of nutrition tips and engaging content.

Our website design was tailored to meet the needs of millennial moms and to better engage with them.
modern aesthetic needs and optimised for SEO, to help improve their Google ranking.

Mom2Be Website
My Herbalife Breakfast Website

My Herbalife Breakfast

The My Herbalife Breakfast website was designed with the goal of educating Herbalife’s members on healthy breakfast products, nutritious meal solutions, recipes, and tips for leading healthier lifestyles.

We wanted to ensure that Herbalife’s members were informed about the core breakfast products and the various recipes that can be prepared with them.



ATKASA and Initiative collaborated to create an innovative and sophisticated website for Bakerite to showcase their products.

ATKASA went above and beyond to ensure the client’s vision was realised and the results remain stunning.

Bakelite Website
OLP Website


Initiative and ATKASA partnered to create a stunning website for an OLP leader, setting them apart from their competitors.

With its signature look and feel, this website is the perfect representation of the client’s standing in the market.


Rugani Juice

Rugani Juice is a leading vegetable juice producer in South Africa that believes in being a legacy, and not just farmers.

The website we created for them was all around capturing the Rugani Juice brand and showcasing it and everything it stands for.

The Rugani Juice design was centred around being fresh, innovative and leaders in the industry.


Rugani Juice Website
Cavalliah Website


Cavaliah specialises in a variety of bespoke anti-aging treatments for younger, healthier, and glowing skin.

Their website needed to be a showcase of trust, enforcing their skill and understanding of skincare.

Their website design was classy and elegant, ensuring that everyone who visits their website understands their professionalism in the work they do.


Private Protocol

We worked with Private Protocol to create a website that would showcase their services, build trust, and demonstrate their commitment to creating a complete data security strategy.

Our creative development was carefully tailored to the services offered, ensuring both professionalism and reliability.

Private Protocol Website
Relocation Station Website

Relocation Station

Relocation Station wanted a complete brand
redesign along with a new website and logo that would be clean, modern and user friendly when people are in need for multiple quotations for


Global Sense

Global Sense wanted to improve their user
experience when landing on the website.
They wanted a cleaner site that would be
more functional and straight to the point.

We created a sophisticated and clean website that showcases the brand and services in a more understandable approach to ensure clients understand their business and offering.

Global Sense Website

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