TechniStrut, one of Gauteng’s leading roof truss manufacturing businesses, approached ATKASA in the first-quarter
of 2023 to increase their brand awareness and leads. We developed a cohesive strategy for them that included a
complete revamp of their website, social media and community management, and paid ads in the form of Google
and Facebook Ads.

This case study covers the process and results associated with the redevelopment of their website, a modernising
of their online presence that has since generated a continued growth in their business, and cementing their
name as a leader in their industry.

The Objective:

1. Increased Brand Awareness Month-on-Month
2. Increased lead generation
3. Increase online presence and visitors.

Strategy & Approach:

As the website rebuild was seen as an essential cornerstone of the strategy and its objectives, we looked at it
as the foundation for all of our efforts to follow. This meant that it needed to perform admirably, be highly
visible on search engines, create a positive customer experience, and drive visitors to build trust with the
brand while interacting with its services.

The website was thusly focused on communicating TechniStrut’s communal and human culture, communicate
the exceptionality of their services, and also provide customers with an easy to navigate and informative

SEO also needed to have a strong focus, which was kickstarted with rigorous, intent-driven keyword research
and implementation of all SEO elements from the foundation.

The user journey was also an important part of the strategy. Our audience consisted of two very different
groups, namely homeowners on one hand and contractors/developers on the other. Thus, the journey
was mapped out to ensure it spoke to the desires, pain points, and habits of each.

Calls-to-action across the website needed to be impactful for both of the abovementioned audiences, which
led us to conceptualise the tagline ‘A Roofing Manufacturer You can Truss!’, which has become synonymous
with the brand.

Implementation & Execution

Implementation was straightforward and smooth thanks to a carefully laid out plan and clear communication
to establish the needs of the client.

The client requested that the website be built in Elementor, and gave us detailed CI to ensure brand guidelines
were correctly followed. In many instances in terms of wording, graphics, and general look and feel, we were
driven by creative freedom to meet their expectations…

The end result is that we surpassed them, and kickstarted a standing partnership between TechniStrut and
ourselves that lasts to this day.


The metrics before the rebuild, and following them, are almost like looking at completely different companies.
Of course, much of the success can also be attributed to the cohesive nature of the digital strategy as a whole,
but as a foundation, we couldn’t have hoped for better performance.


Within the first three months,
we saw
a 100% Increase in Visitors.

Since then, we have seen over 6000
visitors to this rather niche site.

But how did this translate into returns on their investment?
Since the launch of the new website, and out of those 6000+ visitors, the website alone has resulted in
111 leads being generated organically for the client, making the returns easy to see. Keep in mind, that
these numbers are only for form submissions, further leads have been generated by direct emails, calls,
and ads on other platforms.


The client has been ecstatic with the results, returns and performance of the website, which is continuously
maintained and optimised to ensure consistent delivery of the objectives set out in our strategy.

We are proud to be a part of what has kept their business busy over the past year, and look forward to
providing them with month-on-month, year-on-year growth, moving forward.


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