Background & Objectives:

Pick n Pay Wilropark’s Facebook campaign covers various channels over an extended period of time.
This case study focuses on organic performance on Facebook from August 2023 to January 2024, aimed
at brand awareness and community engagement within the relatively small Wilropark vicinity, leveraging diverse
content types to resonate with a local audience.


Strategies and Challenges

Diverse Content: Addressed various themes like promotions, CSR, and culture,
enhancing brand identity.

Timeliness: Managed real-time promotions, requiring swift artwork finalisation
and social team responses.

Brand Consistency: Navigated the challenge of adhering to the broader corporate identity
of Pick n Pay while maintaining local autonomy of PnP Wilropark.

Community Focus: Concentrated on engaging the small, local community of Wilropark,
a unique feature that required precise targeting.



Performance Insights:

Audience Growth: Achieved an astonishing 3200% increase in audience size, reflecting
highly effective engagement strategies.

Total Reach: Expanded reach by 4292%, with organic efforts contributing significantly alongside paid strategies.

Engagement: Garnered 3,656 positive feedback instances, indicating strong community interaction.
2 200 of these came from likes.

Demographic Insights: Highlighted engagement mostly among the younger demographics, with
a spread across all age groups, underscoring the campaign’s wide appeal.


The remarkable increase in audience growth and reach within a limited community size showcases
the campaign’s effectiveness in penetrating the targeted market.

The ability to keep engagement high, despite the challenges of timely promotions and strict brand
guidelines, indicates a well-executed strategy. 


Pick n Pay Wilropark’s organic Facebook campaign demonstrates the power of localised,
targeted social media strategies to significantly boost brand awareness and community engagement.

Through a mix of varied content and strategic adaptability, they have not only overcome inherent
challenges but also set a benchmark for local brand marketing success.


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