You can’t swing a cat without hitting someone who is already a master of social media (in one way or another), so why the need to market on social platforms through a social media agency?

It’s a good question. Social media is as ubiquitous as oxygen, so surely anyone can advertise on it.

While this is true, there is an entire unseen realm that goes into marketing on social media, and it is fraught with the kind of technicalities and experimentation you would expect from online advertising.

Marketing on social media is not as simple as it looks, which is why it is generally best to work with a social media agency who can assist.

But that’s just one of the benefits of hiring one. Let’s look at a few others.


Do More in Less Time

Getting the hang of advertising on social media can be time consuming. There is a lot to figure out including targeting, budgeting and best practices, all of which take a chunk out of your schedule.

Then you’ll need to create the assets, such as videos and graphics, something that can even be time consuming for experienced designers.

Working with a social media agency who specialises in everything you need will shave hours and hours of your campaign setup time, with the added benefit of giving it an extra professional feel.


Benefit from Developed Expertise

This brings us to our next point, that a social media agency frequently does everything you need for a well-run social media campaign, everyday. 

Generally speaking, they are highly practised, skilled, and experienced, which means they deliver more professional results than you can with paint and Microsoft Word.

While you can attempt to do things yourself, you’re unlikely going to get the results you want, unless you have the skills you would usually look for in an agency.


Enhance Reach & Leads

How well do you understand targeting? So many advertisers waste a ton of money on social media because they don’t target correctly. 

It’s all fine and well having your niche coffee shop seen by hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world, but how many of those people are ever, in their lives, going to make it to your coffee shop?

Wouldn’t it be better to advertise only to those people who are more likely to become customers? It would, especially when you’re paying for clicks or impressions. 

Each person who sees the ad comes at a cost, so you want to make sure the right people are seeing them.

This is the kind of task best left to a social media agency, since they generally have a sound understanding of targeting on various social platforms.


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