For digital marketing agencies, search engine marketing is a key component of success. A search engine marketing digital agency needs to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices to ensure they are providing their clients with the best results.

Unfortunately, mistakes can be made, which can have a major impact on a business’s success. 

Here are the most common mistakes that people often make when advertising on platforms like Google Ads.


Not Doing Keyword Research

One of the most common mistakes people make is not doing proper keyword research. 

Keywords are the foundation of any search engine marketing campaign. Without proper research, it’s impossible to know which keywords will help your clients rank higher in search results. 

It is always a good bet to go with a search engine marketing digital agency that starts with keyword research before launching any campaign.


Not Optimising for Mobile

Mobile optimisation is essential for any search engine marketing campaign, since it contributes to a higher ad score, which means better results at less of a cost. 

With more people searching from their phones and tablets, it’s important that your websites are optimised for mobile. 

A search engine marketing digital agency is often the better way to go, since they ensure that all websites are optimised for mobile, including page speed and other technical aspects. 


Not Testing Ads

Another common mistake is not testing ads. Testing ads is essential to ensure they are performing as expected. 

Any search engine marketing digital agency worth their salt should always test multiple ads with different variations to see which one performs best. 

This will help them optimise their campaigns and get better results for their clients.


Ignoring Analytics

Analytics are an essential part of search engine marketing. Advertisers should always be monitoring the analytics of their campaigns to make sure they are performing as expected. 

Analytics can provide valuable insights into which strategies are working and which ones need to be adjusted. Ignoring analytics can lead to campaigns that are not as effective as they could be.


Work with a Search Engine Marketing Digital Agency that Delivers Results

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