Tractionel, an electrical infrastructure development company, stands at the forefront of constructing power plants, electrifying railways, and implementing large-scale electrical infrastructure projects across Africa. Catering to a highly specialised audience, including municipal decision-makers and business owners requiring extensive electrical infrastructure services, Tractionel’s challenge was to effectively reach
and engage this niche market.



The primary goal was clear-cut: to generate high-quality leads throughout Africa, targeting individuals
and entities involved in infrastructure development for municipalities and large-scale commercial projects.

Campaign Overview
(1 Aug 2023 – 30 Jan 2024):


Tractionel embarked on a meticulously planned Google Ads campaign focusing on two main sectors:
Renewable Energy infrastructure and Transmission Lines. The campaigns were designed to capture the attention
of the target audience, driving engagement and conversions through strategic ad placements and content.

Performance and Summary:

Renewable Energy

Cost: R10,603.64 in total
Impressions: 31,879
Average Daily Budget: R38.60
Click-Through Rate (CTR): 7.97%
Clicks: 2,541
Conversion Rate: 1.30%
Conversions: 33
Average Cost-per-Click (CPC): R4.17
Cost per Conversion: R321.32

Transmission Lines

Cost: R3,992.13
Impressions: 14,299
Average Daily Budget: R38.60
CTR: 7.18%
Clicks: 1,027
Conversion Rate: 2.43%
Average CPC: R3.89
Cost per Conversion: R159.69

Strategy and Execution:

The campaigns initially started at a slower pace but quickly gained momentum following significant
adjustments to keywords, ad headlines, descriptions, and targeting strategies.

These changes were pivotal in refining the focus on Tractionel’s highly specialised audience across Africa,
ignificantly improving campaign performance and lead generation efficacy.

The meticulous attention to SEO details and continual website maintenance established
a sustainable platform for growth and digital marketing success.


Success Factors:

Targeted Campaigns: By honing in on individuals involved in municipal infrastructure development
and businesses requiring large-scale electrical infrastructure, Tractionel was able to capture
the attention of its niche market effectively while optimising their budget.

Continuous Optimisation: The strategic shifts in keywords, ad content, and targeting parameters were
instrumental in enhancing the campaigns’ reach and conversion rates.

Specialised Focus: Understanding the high-value nature of Tractionel’s services and the specificity of its
target audience enabled the crafting of highly relevant and engaging ad campaigns.




Tractionel’s Google Ads campaigns for Renewable Energy infrastructure and Transmission Lines have demonstrated
the power of targeted digital marketing in reaching specialised audiences. The campaigns not only achieved their
lead generation objectives but also set a benchmark for engaging municipal decision-makers and business operators
in Africa’s vast electrical infrastructure sector. Through continuous optimisation and a deep understanding of its audience,
Tractionel has successfully navigated the challenges of marketing high-cost services to a highly specialised audience,
achieving admirable success in its lead generation efforts.



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